Case Study

Stupina Statescu


Branding, Graphic Design

Stupina Statescu is a local producer specialized in honey products renowned for their exceptional taste and superior quality, owing to the diverse range of flowers' nectar found in the region.

The Challenge

Stupina Statescu wanted a brand identity that reflected their commitment to quality, sustainability and the natural goodness of their honey products. The goal was to attract consumers who value premium honey products and build brand loyalty.

The Approach

Based on the market research findings, we collaborated closely with Stupina Statescu to identify the key brand attributes, such as purity, sustainability, and craftsmanship, that would resonate with the target audience. The brand positioning focused on highlighting the natural and premium qualities of their honey products.

Logo Type

A distinctive logo was developed for Stupina Statescu that captured the essence of their brand. The logo incorporated elements such as honeycombs and bees that represented their connection to nature and the honey production process. A visual identity system was also created, including color palette, typography, and graphic elements, that reflected the brand's values and resonated with the target audience.

Business Cards

The client recognized the importance of business cards to promote their honey products and services to potential customers and partners.

Honey Jars Branding

The packaging design showcased the premium quality of Stupina Statescu's honey products. The high-quality packaging design incorporating the brand's visual identity was also intended as a marketing tool to communicate the brand's values and attract consumers on store shelves.

Honey-based Products

To maximize their offerings, SweetNectar ventured into diversifying their array of honey-based products and associated goods


Through a comprehensive branding approach that encompassed logo design, visual identity, packaging, messaging, and experiential marketing, Stupina Statescu successfully established a strong brand presence and built a loyal customer base who valued their premium honey products.