Case Study

Parenting In Adland


Web Design, Wordpress Development

"Parenting In Adland" is an event hosted by The 3 Percent Movement, which is a group dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry. It addresses the intersection of professional careers in advertising and the responsibilities of raising children.

The Challenge

The project commenced with extensive discussions and research to understand the target audience - parents working in advertising. This involved gathering insights into their challenges, requirements and preferences.

The Approach

The approach focused on creating a visually immersive experience, which included high-quality imagery, infographics, illustrations, and videos strategically placed throughout the website, painting the parent-child relationship.

Design System

The components were designed to be modular and reusable, allowing the team to quickly create new pages and sections while maintaining consistency in the overall design.


The focus was on creating visually appealing infographics that combined data, statistics, and practical advice. Visual hierarchies and storytelling techniques were employed to ensure the information was presented logically and attractively.


With more screen real estate available, desktop layouts allowed for more visually appealing and immersive designs.


All layouts were designed with responsiveness in mind, ensuring that the website adapts and displays properly across different screen sizes.


Positive feedback was received from users, highlighting the website's impact in helping parents navigate the challenges of balancing their careers and family life in the advertising industry.