Case Study

Madeline Bell


Web Design, Wordpress Development

Madeline is a young passionate artist involved within the field of film and screen media, specialized in editing and cinematography.

The Challenge

The objective was to create a website that would serve as a digital portfolio to attract potential employers, collaborators and showcase her unique perspective as a young cinematographer.

The Approach

Clear objectives were set, focusing on creating a visually captivating design that showcased her portfolio, highlighted her technical skills and communicated her artistic vision.

Design System

The design emphasized visual storytelling, utilizing a clean and elegant look to highlight Madeline's work.

Portfolio showcase

An interactive portfolio section was implemented showcasing her projects, including detailed case studies highlighting her role, challenges, and creative solutions in each project.


The website was developed using modern web technologies, ensuring responsiveness across devices.


The online portfolio attracted attention from potential employers, collaborators and industry peers, leading to inquiries, job offers and networking opportunities.