Case Study

Pacific Crest Snowcats


Web Design, Wordpress Development

Pacific Crest Snowcats is a snowcat skiing and snowboarding company that offers guided backcountry tours in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

The Challenge

PCS wanted to improve the online increase the online visibility and booking process in order to expand their customer base to increase overall customer satisfaction.

The Approach

Created visually appealing and immersive content, including photos, videos and highlighted customer tours. Additionally, Instagram content and photo gallery were integrated into the website for a more immersive experience.

Design System

The design system included a set of guidelines, components, and assets that were used throughout the website redesign process.


The design components were designed to be modular and reusable, allowing the team to quickly create new pages and sections while maintaining consistency across the website.

Tour Highlights

Each tour was presented in great details to to showcase the unique experiences PCS offer.

Booking System

Implementation of Fareharbor booking system was selected, allowing PCS to accept reservations and payments directly through their website. This system provides a seamless and user-friendly booking experience for customers.


The content elements on the desktop layout were positioned to maximize the use of space, providing a clear hierarchy of information.


Responsive design techniques were implemented to ensure that the website provides an optimal user experience across devices.


The redesigned website was launched, resulting in several positive outcomes. The website's user experience was significantly improved, leading to an increase in user engagement and a decrease in bounce rates. PCS reported increased positive reviews and saw a significant increase in repeat bookings.